Sunday, June 13, 2010

20 things that describe Black Belt English

1. Results driven
2. At home atmosphere
3. Team teaching (for American and Japanese points of view)
4. Lessons designed for your life (lifestyle)
5. Speaking and doing in order to remember
6. No textbooks
7. No changing or turnover of the instructors
8. Teaching style meant to fill in the gaps left by Japanese education system
9. Teaching methods based on research and experience
10. Teachers are living examples of school’s philosophy (see below)
11. Teachers are accomplished martial artists
12. Teachers are fluent in English
13. Teachers are college educated in the USA
14. Teacher has had work published in the game industry
15. Classes taught by president
16. Teachers passionate about mission
17. Learn and use now – not later
18. Lessons created for students (not premade or from book)
19. No katakana English – learn foreign sounds and pronunciation
20. Learn authentic martial arts (with a long history and deep philosophy)